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Portrait session

Portraits in nature or your home.

Tired of fake smiles and forced family moments? This organic & natural documentary style photo session will encapsulate memories that you and your family will treasure for a lifetime.

Intimate moments

Authentic expressions

priceless memories

Timeless memories

Having photos that make you and your family smile, that capture the authentic spark of each individual is invaluable. My mission is to encapsulate those authentic moments in a beautiful picture so you and your family can always look back and remember.

Are you willing to loose those precious moments?

Do you really want to see your loved ones in ultra wide angle iPhone shots with a selfie stick in the middle…

The perfect Picture will keep your memories alive.

Authentic Portraits are a documentary-style photo sessions for all of life’s precious milestones that your family can treasure for generations.

Have a photographer that has worked with kids her whole life.

To capture intimate moments with your loved ones, you need a photographer that you can forget about.


from wedding to family of 5!

I was able to let go, for the first time…

i felt like i was safe to be seen as i am…

melissa's gift made me feel at ease…

one of the best things I ever did…

she captured How beautiful I felt…

She preserves moments in time…

“Melissa is amazingly talented! She has such a gift! We were lucky enough to have her capture our wedding day, and then again as a family of five, five years later! Not only is she talented, creative, and professional, but she is also a beautiful person inside and out!”

"Melissa made us all feel so comfortable, as if we'd known each other for ages. She went above and beyond helping me relax before the wedding and enjoy every moment of the day. Everyone in my wedding party and family loved working with Melissa, she made everything quick and fun for all of them.My husband and I love not only Melissa's work but who she is as a person. Melissa was the first person we called when we started to expand our family - to document the journey in her amazingly lovely way.

“She is now my GO TO photographer for all things! She has a very special talent of making you feel so comfortable. I personally used to dread doing photo shoots, but Melissa makes them something I look forward to. I felt like I was safe to be seen as I am; which allowed me to embody my beauty. She captures the true essence of everyone, and makes every shoot fun!”

"She immediately set us at ease and kindly directed our group. She never missed a moment. I squealed for joy when I saw the results- amazing. She is a true artist with an eye and vision.Both our engagement photos and our wedding photos are works of art and now our baby and family photos. I have them framed around our house and often stop to admire. I wish she would send me everything she shoots just so that I could admire her work- beautiful doesn't begin to describe it!"

"We really enjoyed our family photo shoot with Melissa. She set a relaxed pace and had great suggestions for us - she captured some special moments and the results are beautiful.Loved every minute of working with Melissa. Like most people, I hate being in front of a camera, but she made it fun and playful and the photos show it. Couldn't be happier with how my headshots turned out and couldn't believe how much fun it was either. I'm officially referring her to everyone I know"

"Melissa Robin is one of those gems of a photographer that has the rare gift of making you feel embodied, confident, and at ease. I am incredibly grateful that she was able to so artistically and professionally capture how beautiful I felt in my body and soul. Through her guidance, ready to share my empowered soul with the world. Now, seeing the edited photos, it brings me such joy and awe to see myself glowing with love! "

As a professional model and actress, I’ve worked with many photographers and there’re only a few that stood out as being Exceptional at what they do, Melissa is one of them. Melissa's talent is capturing a multi-layered mood, both of Light and Dark, that evokes a unique depth of feeling in her photos. She captures the essence of her subject and the emotions present during the shoot. She preserves a moment in time that the photos bring you back to, time and again.

10 reasons to book your session today.

Working with me will give you beautifully authentic and natural moments that encapsulated the essence of you and your family:

  • Have authentic memories of life's milestones
  • See your child's smile documented as an art
  • Work with a photograph you’ll want to hire for a lifetime
  • Love the way you see yourself in a photograph
  • Feel comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera
  • Beautiful photographs you can share for generations
  • Create new fun memories with your family
  • Easy & professional experience with a photographer
  • Create art for your walls at home
  • Photographs that you are proud to share with friends and family
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Cheese I know where to find the natural smile.

As an older sister, I’ve always been around and loved kids. As I grew older, I continued photographing and volunteering with kids, so I’ve never lost my inner sweet, playful, and vulnerable child. With this gift, I know how to play and help kids feel comfortable with me and my camera. Capturing authentic smiles and laughs is easy when they are REAL. There will be no “Stand still, POSE and say cheese: I encourage play so I can document authentic moments for you and your family to always look back on and remember with a smile.

How does it work:

It is as simple as taking these 3 steps:


Book an initial call

SAY YES TO An unforgettable photoshoot and  beautiful memories! Book a vision call where we clarify an intention for your photo session, location, and how to prepare.


meet me at the location

We meet at our chosen location and document your family! Enjoy the sunset playing, connecting and creating new beautiful memories with your family that will be cherished for generations.


Let the smile shine

You have powerful evocative reminders (photographs) for you and your family to treasure for lifetimes!

Don’t ever forget the precious moments with your family. Give that special gift of childhood moments frozen in time to your kids. Book your session today!

authentic moments encapsulated

You are the kind of person that loves things that are real & authentic. You also want to capture the real and authentic moments of your life. In order to do that, you need a photographer that understands you and can help you feel comfortable, relaxed, and be natural in front of the camera. 

The problem is that most photographs will awkwardly pose you and get you to “say cheese” which inevitably leads to disappointing results.

I know this is really frustrating. I understand your need to find a photographer you can connect with and hire for a lifetime. I believe that photography sessions should be fun and playful to capture REAL authentic smiles. That’s why I document your family doing something you love – like going on a hike or playing in your backyard. Where you are relaxed and at ease. 

So Book an initial call where we'll go over details and questions. Then we meet on location and document those happy smiles!

No more searching through thousands of mediocre iPhone photos. Finally, You have powerful evocative reminders (photographs) for you and your family to treasure for lifetimes!  


Bigger families with multiple children or families with a newborn choose Butterfly. While Bumblebee is the most popular choice for smaller families and children 2 years old or above.


1 hour package • $444
  • An initial call
  • 1 hour photography session
  • 3 edited high-resolution photos
  • Location of your choice
  • Recommended for individuals


2 hour package • $777
  • An initial call
  • up 2 hour photography session
  • 5 edited high-resolution photos
  • Location of your choice
  • Recommended for couples or smaller families


A day package• $1111
  • An initial call
  • up to 3 hour photography session
  • 10 edited high-resolution photos
  • Location of your choice
  • Recommended for newborn sessions or bigger families
5% of proceeds go to Women for Women international.
For every 5 sessions I giveaway a session to someone in need.
Discounts available for low income please message me!

5 steps to take better family portraits.

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