Goddess Session™

Do you struggle with self-expression and confidence in front of a camera?This photography session is designed to help you unleash all your natural beauty, power, and confidence.

“Melissa is an incredibly creative, talented and gifted photographer. We worked on a goddess session together and I really enjoyed how she led the session and made me feel at ease. She edited the photos beautifully and got them back in a timely manner. Can’t wait to work with her again! I highly recommend her! ❤️💫"
Alyssa Gursky
“Melissa does a stunning job offering a wide breath of practices leaning into embodiment, creativity, and potent self reflection that culminates in being able to witness yourself in this really powerful photo session experience. The community and personal reflection is a gift and IS INVALUABLE! 
Alyssa Gursky
Discover Beauty, Empower Self, Radiate Confidence.


A Goddess Session™ is structured to help you experience your beauty, leaving you feeling more present in your body and empowered in your life. By connecting with your authenticity and innocence, you’ll open the door for a new positive relationship with your body image.You will begin to appreciate your uniqueness and love yourself for exactly who you are.

Transform Your Narrative.


Do you struggle with old stories and traumas imposed by the media and society...

Unrealistic beauty expectations

Feeling fake in front of a camera

Feeling unattractive and not sexy enough

Having a bad perception of yourself

Fear of being seen as self-centered/indulgent

Not feeling good enough or worthy

Feeling a lack of confidence

A lackluster experience with a photographer


Over the last 10 years, I’ve guided more than 1000 people on a transformational journey to self–confidence.

Melissa’s photos are galactic artworks! Through her sensitivity and her artistic talent, Melissa manages to capture and transport the essence of a human being. I have never felt so much seen and appreciated. Melissa made it possible to reflect my soul in her artwork. I’m already looking forward to my next shoot with Melissa! If you want to capture your deep self, your essence thru photography, then you have to book a shooting with this beam of light!
Jennifer Renderos
Melissa was able to put me at ease from the beginning with her calming and grounding words. I felt the permission to let go of preconception about my looks and become one with the energies around me. Co-creating with Melissa was the best part of this experience.
Jennifer Renderos
She is now my GO TO photographer for all things! She has a very special talent of making you feel so comfortable. I personally used to dread doing photo shoots, but Melissa makes them something I look forward to. I felt like I was safe to be seen as I am; which allowed me to embody my beauty. She captures the true essence of everyone, and makes every shoot fun!
Jennifer Renderos
Awaken, Connect, Thrive: Embrace Your Inner Goddess.


Working with a supportive & transformational photographer will help you:

Experience your body as alive, sexy, and sacred

Connect with your innocence and play

Feel fully your authentic power

Express your joy, sensuality, and power

Appreciate your innate beauty

Feel deeply connected to the mother nature

Feel more present in your body

Embody the goddess within

Tap into the flow state with ease

Feel that you are your own hero

Rekindle, Rise, Remember: Your Journey to Inner Goddess Mastery.

Unlock Your Photogenic Confidence—For Free!

Unsure about how to fully express yourself in a photo session? Our complimentary guide, "The Path to Photogenic Confidence," is packed with insider tips, self-discovery exercises, and wardrobe advice to make sure you not only look your best but also feel your truest self. Take the first step to transforming your photos—and your life.

From Shadow to Divine


I understand the struggle of self-acceptance; as a person who has body dysmorphia and experienced mental illness, I know how difficult it is to relax and express yourself fully in front of a camera.

Integrating nature-based somatic practices, meditation, and rituals will bring clarity, insight, and energy to your system. The photo session becomes the path to your transformation.

As a Temple Body Facilitator I’m here to support you on your journey and document the process to provide you with powerful reminders(photographs) that you can use to tap into your divine power in the future.



My mission is to help women and men feel embodied and confident in front of the camera; to document their true spirit and give them timeless memories — an unforgettable remembrance of their beauty and power.


It is as simple as taking these 3 steps:



SAY YES TO A NEW IMAGE OF YOUR BEAUTY AND POWER! Book a vision call where we clarify an intention for your photo session, location, and how to prepare.



We meet at the chosen location where I guide you in a grounding womb meditation. After the meditation, we dance, stretch, breathe together to empower you to sink in your own creative expression. I am there to support and document your experience.



Look back for a lifetime, to see the powerful reminders that help you to embody the transformative experience from the goddess session into the present moment to feel the confidence and self-love.

Awaken, Connect, Thrive: Embrace Your Inner Goddess.


I know you are the kind of person that has many gifts to share with the world. The person that aspires to heal the world, the lightworker that desires to express themselves through countless art forms, the infinite goddess of creativity. In order to be able to share all your gifts with the world, you need see your inner beauty shine in its fullest expression, you must embody that light with power and confidence.

The problem is that the media and our society constantly impose over-sexualized images of unrealistic expectations. We, as people, often feel body-shame, lack of confidence, self-hatred, and lack of self-worth. Fearing rejection we stay stuck in poverty mindset Feeling disempowered to make any change to our lives.

I believe every human should be able to embody their beauty, power and confidence fully. When they do, they become inspired to shine out and share their unique gifts and offerings with the world freely.

I TOO USE TO FEEL LIKE I WASN’T WORTHY. Meditation, connecting to mother nature, intuitive movement and photography are all tools I’ve worked with for over a decade to transform myself and connect to the goddess energy. From my heart & soul, I’ve weaved them together to create this offering to help you see your inner beauty.

You will gain confidence and be able to take it with you in 3 easy steps. Step 1 – schedule your (30 min)vision call. Step 2 – We meet at the chosen location where I guide you in a grounding womb meditation. After the meditation, we dance, stretch, and breathe together to empower you to sink into your own creative expression. I am there to support and document your experience. Step 3 — Look back for a lifetime to see powerful reminders helping you to embody the transformative experience of the Goddess Session in your present moment and feel confidence and self-love.

Transform the way you see yourself in photographs! Connect to nature & spirit and allow your unique expression during this time to be documented.

If you don’t learn how to channel your inner goddess to power up your confidence you won’t be able to share your unique gifts with the world. Book a vision call today to bring your inner goddess to life!

From now on, you will see yourself through the lens of the goddess, transformed and able to express all your unique ideas and gifts with confidence and ease. You will feel empowered to express yourself in any situation, be it personal or business.

Craft Your Visual Story—Choose Your Transformative Experience


If you are clear on what you want simply choose from the 4 options below, or if you are not certain which option to go with, you can pay $222 deposit to reserve your spot and I will help you choose the right option for you during our initial call.



• up to 2 hour photo session
• 1 location
• recorded meditation
• vision call



• half day photo session (up to 4 hours)
• up to 2 locations
• cacao ceremony & guided embodiment journey to start your session
• recorded meditation
• vision call
• access to goddess wardrobe closet + styling


The Royal Queen

• full day photo session (up to 6 hours)
• up to 3 locations
• recorded meditation
• vision call
• 2 hour includes hair and makeup session before your photo session• access to goddess wardrobe closet + styling
• cacao ceremony & guided embodiment journey to start your session
• assistant capturing behind the scenes social media video

2024 pricing

digital photographs + prints not included in packages see pricing below. Minimum purchase of digital photo package required.

Discover the perfect blend of personal empowerment and professional brand enhancement with our 2024 Photography Packages. Whether you're seeking to capture your inner goddess for personal reflection or to embody your brand's spirit for commercial success, we've got you covered.


10 Digital Photographs

$150 for each additional photograph after 10


30 Digital Photographs

$75 for each additional photograph after 30


50 Digital Photographs

$50 for each additional photograph after 50


10 Digital Photographs

$150 for each additional photograph after 10


30 Digital Photographs

$75 for each additional photograph after 30


50 Digital Photographs

$50 for each additional photograph after 50

Frequently Asked Questions

Your journey to transformation might spark some questions, and that's okay. We've got you covered.

Explore our FAQs to find answers to commonly asked questions. If something isn't clear or you'd like to know more, don't hesitate to reach out.

What are the packages?

Melissa offers 4 different photo packages to choose from, each tailored to meet your specific needs and budget.

Where are the sessions?

The photo sessions are usually held on location in beautiful natural settings, creating a unique and magical experience.

What is a Moon Ritual?

The Moon Ritual is a special group photo shoot where women come together to celebrate their inner goddess and connect with the energy of the moon.

What are the retreats?

Melissa offers multi-day photo retreats that include accommodation and a variety of photo shoots, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the creative process.

How do I book?

Booking a photo session with Melissa is easy! Simply visit our website and choose the package or event that suits you best.

What if I have more questions?

If you have any more questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out to us. We're here to help!

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If you still have questions or need more information, don't hesitate to contact us. We're happy to assist you!

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