Melissa Robin—intentional photography

My somatic + trauma informed approach to photography captures your unique presence while making you feel empowered to take on the world.

Bring your uniqueness to the light,
show the world what you are about.

Over the past 15 years, I’ve highlighted more than 300 ceremonies, 600 businesses, and thousands of individuals…


i've never felt so seen and appreciated…

I was able to let go, for the first time…

i felt like i was safe to be seen as i am…

melissa's gift made me feel at ease…

one of the best things I ever did…

she captured How beautiful I felt…

She preserves moments in time…

“Melissa’s photos are galactic artworks! Through her sensitivity and her artistic talent, Melissa manages to capture and transport the essence of a human being. I have never felt so much seen and appreciated. Melissa made it possible to reflect my soul in her artwork. I’m already looking forward to my next shoot with Melissa! If you want to capture your deep self, your essence thru photography, then you have to book a shooting with this beam of light!”

“Melissa was able to put me at ease from the beginning with her calming and grounding words. I felt the permission to let go of preconception about my looks and become one with the energies around me. Co-creating with Melissa was the best part of this experience.”

“She is now my GO TO photographer for all things! She has a very special talent of making you feel so comfortable. I personally used to dread doing photo shoots, but Melissa makes them something I look forward to. I felt like I was safe to be seen as I am; which allowed me to embody my beauty. She captures the true essence of everyone, and makes every shoot fun!”

“Melissa is an incredibly creative, talented and gifted photographer. We worked on a goddess session together and I really enjoyed how she led the session and made me feel at ease. She edited the photos beautifully and got them back in a timely manner. Can’t wait to work with her again! I highly recommend her! ❤️💫"

“I’ve never worked with a photographer who provides so much support. The energy of the session was different. I've never felt so comfortable and at home in my body. She helped me to appreciate the moment and joy we were in. I admire her ability to be professional yet help lighten up and have fun. She truly captured my joy and magic. Since our session every time I look at the photos it is a beautiful experience to re-live. Each and every time I share a photo I am so proud and grateful. She helped me feel at home in my vessel. This session was one of the best things I ever did for myself and I highly recommend it!”

"Melissa Robin is one of those gems of a photographer that has the rare gift of making you feel embodied, confident, and at ease. I am incredibly grateful that she was able to so artistically and professionally capture how beautiful I felt in my body and soul, through her Goddess Session. I truly felt sexy ~ and through her guidance, ready to share my empowered soul with the world. Now, seeing the edited photos, it brings me such joy and awe to see myself glowing with love! Thank you Melissa Robin!"

"As a professional model and actress, I’ve worked with many photographers and there’re only a few that stood out as being Exceptional at what they do, Melissa is one of them. Melissa's talent is capturing a multi-layered mood, both of Light and Dark, that evokes a unique depth of feeling in her photos. She captures the essence of her subject and the emotions present during the shoot. She preserves a moment in time that the photos bring you back to, time and again."

Are you Am I the
right fit for you?

The invisible and intangible taking beautiful form. Do you want to share your true, empowered essence and “what you’re all about” with the world? Over the past 15 years, I’ve photographed and helped thousands of individuals and hundreds of businesses capture their true essence for the first time and share their unique offerings with the world. I’m inspired by the rawness and realness of being human and the art of translating it into honest and compelling visual imagery. The unique power of an image to inspire connection, courage, compassion, and self-confidence fuels my passion for intentional photography. Capturing your uniqueness and sharing what makes you YOU not only gives others a reason to love you, it is a profoundly healing experience of self-connection and discovery. I'm here to build the bridge between your message and your image. I'm here to guide you in a process of finding your authenticity, capturing it, and sharing it for the world to see.


is your passion portrayed in your photographs?

The best piece of advice I ever received was to photograph my passions. That is exactly what I do. Each one of my offerings reflects a passion of my creative mind and my healing journey.

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