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Lifestyle session

photography that matches your brand

Images that don’t match your client’s lifestyle don’t sell. My photography helps you sell more by helping your clients envision your product/service as a part of their lifestyle.

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Strong branding

Authentic expressions

Increased value

Grow your Brand

The fastest way to close more sales and get ahead of competition is to show your potential clients images that portray your product/service as an essential part of their life. Evocative images help to strengthen your brand while making you look more human and relatable. They make your customers feel like they belong.

Your brand communicates through your images.

Brand images you use can increase the perceived value of your product/service and help you close more sales. But there are some challenges…

My photography captures the soul of your product/service helping your clients say YES I WANT!..

images that don’t match your client’s lifestyle don’t sell.

Evocative content helps you look more human and relatable, it helps your customers feel like they belong to your tribe.

Choose a photographer that is aligned with your brand.

Lifestyle images have a special power to convey the true essence of your brand, and help your clients envision your product/service fit in their life.

I would have paid so much more!

I was able to let go, for the first time…

i felt like i was safe to be seen as i am…

melissa's gift made me feel at ease…

one of the best things I ever did…

she captured How beautiful I felt…

She preserves moments in time…

"I talked to many photographers attempting to relay my vision, and spent lots of money during the process; for me, photography has to be an intimate experience, something that conveys the wonder of its subject.This is where so many photographers failed. I gave Melissa very little guidance, her intuitive nature, and ability to really be present with the mushrooms, gave me more than I could have ever imagined. Her photographs made both my designer and I tear up from the beauty! I cannot thank Melissa enough for the quality of work, and what she has done for my brand. The process was extremely organized, and extremely fair priced, but to be honest, I would have paid so much more. How can you put a price on finally feeling seen by the world?"

"I am a Portland based clothing designer and retail store/boutique owner. I  have been working with Melissa Robin for over 3 years now and absolutely love our collaborations.  The obvious is that she has an amazing eye and is an exceptional photographer.  The real truth however, is that working with her makes doing photo shoots easy and relatively stress free. She has a presence and energy with everyone on the team that facilitates comfort, pace and professionalism. She takes the time to know our product, to understand the mood we wish to create and she produces stunning content to fit our uniques needs. I have built 2 beautiful websites utilizing the content she has created with us.  In addition, she has supported us in realizing a more consistent social media presence and postings both with her expertise in helping us find a voice, target specific audiences and with the gorgeous content she provides. She is simply the best!!"

"Because of your photographs of my collection, I actually started believing in myself and my brand more than before! You showed me the potential that my brand can have, with beautiful, unique, professional pictures, and I have seen more sales and feel like we took my brand to the next level. 
I love how we always were able to do our shoots out in nature, in the jungle, or at the beach, using the beautiful natural daylight at sunrise or sunset. 
I have ALWAYS been very satisfied with your service and delivery of pictures of the shoot! Also very cool to have seen you grow as a person, and as a business owner / boss lady as a professional photographer over the past 5 years! 
And I also love that you personally believe in my brand, and love to wear it yourself too! "

"I'ver worked with Melissa Robin on several occasions, both for private and business ventures and she is wonderful. She is always on time, very independent and easy to work with. There have been shoots that have started at 4:00AM and she has come to them alive and ready to go with out any motivation needed. I appreciate the fact that she is a self starter who meets deadlines and can turnaround a project rapidly."

"In absolute awe. Melissa did spectacular work for GAIA Hotel & Reserve and she is a delight to work with. Her commitment, professionalism, creativity and the way she captured the essence of the property are on point. We hope to get more chances to work together and thank you dearly for the wonderful material you have created for us.”

Melissa Robin is one of those gems of a photographer that has the rare gift of making you feel embodied, confident, and at ease. I am incredibly grateful that she was able to so artistically and professionally capture how beautiful I felt in my body and soul, through her Goddess Session. I truly felt sexy ~ and through her guidance, ready to share my empowered soul with the world. Now, seeing the edited photos, it brings me such joy and awe to see myself glowing with love! Thank you Melissa Robin!

“We were looking for someone with a bit of an edge but who is also a good fit for our brand. After I met Melissa in person during one of her goddess sessions in Costa Rica I felt like she was evocative and edgy but there’s a soul to her work. She was exactly what we were looking for! Warning ⚠️ after a photoshoot with her you will want to get all of the experiences she offers.”

5 reasons to use Lifestyle images

Get all the beautifully authentic and natural images that showcase the essence of your brand:

  • Help customers to see your product/service fit in their lifestyle.
  • Increase your recognition and build a strong brand.
  • Grow your fan base with evocative content.
  • Find your brand ambassadors.
  • Sell your products/services at premium.

images that match your clients lifestyle sell.

Do you want brand photography that matches your clients lifestyle? Imagery that you are proud to share with the world? Over the past 15 years, I’ve photographed and helped hundreds of businesses capture their unique products/services. The power of an image can inspire connection between your audience and your brand. Life-style photography helps your clients see how your product/service fits in their life. I’m here to build the bridge between your brand and your image. To tell the story of your business. I’m here to guide you in a process of finding your brand’s message and documenting it and sharing it for the world to see!

Watch the video

How does it work:

It is as simple as taking these 3 steps:


Book an initial call

Book an initial call where we go over branding and marketing needs and objectives and we define the creative brief for the photoshoot.


the photoshoot

The photoshoot is always tailored to your exact needs. Whether we meet in a person or you simply ship your product to me, we make sure that it achieves all the objectives of the brief.


Let the magic unveil.

You share the images with your audience and watch your sales grow.

Share the soul of your brand with your audience. Let them see and feel what their life could look like with your product/service. Book your initial call today!

Time to share your gifts with the world.

You are the kind of business owner that wants to have evocative content they can be proud of sharing. You need a professional photographer that understands branding + marketing and can help you elevate your media presence with content created uniquely for your brand. I know how frustrating it can be to work with photographers that don’t quite grasp the need for photography that is UNIQUELY YOURS.

Having a guide that helps your business shine is invaluable. Being a creative entrepreneur and small business owner for over 13 years taught me the art of listening and setting the right intentions/objectives allowing you to leverage my passion for light and photography. Coupled with my experiences as a business owner I’m uniquely positioned to provide you with not just evocative content that will get your target audience to love you, but also guidance on the use of the imagery to strengthen your brand positioning.

Here’s how it works first; book an initial call where we go over branding and marketing needs and objectives and we define the creative brief for the photoshoot. The photoshoot is always tailored to your exact needs. Whether we meet in a person or you simply ship your product to me, we make sure that it achieves all the objectives of the brief. Lastly, You share the images with your audience and watch your brand grow.

Stop wasting your time searching for stock images that don’t represent the unique value of your company and let’s connect. Schedule your initial call today.


Established brands with existing audience will strongly benefit from the NEW YORK package while the SAN FRANCISCO is popular choice for new businesses.


1 hour package • $444
  • An initial call
  • 1 hour long photoshoot
  • 5 edited high-resolution photos

San Francisco

2 hour package • $777
  • An initial call
  • 2 hour long photoshoot
  • 10 edited high-resolution photos

new york

A day package• $1999
  • An initial call.
  • A day rate (up to 5h of shooting time)
  • $50/edit (5 edits minimum)

Terms & Conditions apply. Please inquire about print + commercial licensing.

5% of proceeds go to Women for Women international.
For every 5 sessions I giveaway a session to someone in need.
Discounts available for low income please message me!

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